Prepare to witness a revolution
in the essence of Web 3.0
as we defy conventions
and shatter misconceptions.


Our mission is to facilitate the transition of Web 2.0 users into the Web 3.0 environment providing specific services and tools designed to make this transition simple and effective.

By focusing on User experience, we develop intuitive services and offer support to guide Web 2.0 users into the realm of Web 3.0, helping them understand and adopt new technologies with ease, providing a transition experience smooth and unrivaled.

We are committed to provide services and tools that enable safe, efficient, and rewarding adoption of Web 3.0, contributing to the transformation of digital interaction into a decentralized, broader and cutting-edge experience.

Events Logo
  • 3XP

    3XP was the world's first event solely focused on Web 3.0 gaming. 7 Digital Labs actively participated, showcasing the latest version of the closed-alpha multiplayer at the Pasadena Convention Center, Los Angeles, in collaboration with Ava Labs.

  • Avalanche House

    Thanks to the partnership with Ava Labs, a blockchain industry unicorn, 7 Digital Labs actively participated in Avalanche House, held in Brooklyn, New York.

    During the event, our COO delivered a panel focused on onboarding video gamers from the world of Web 2.0 to Web 3.0.

  • Avalanche Summit II

    Thanks to the partnership with Ava Labs, a blockchain industry unicorn, 7 Digital Labs actively participated in the Avalanche Summit II, held at Poble Espaniol, Barcelona.

    Throughout the event, attendees had the opportunity to playtest the first version of the closed-alpha multiplayer of BloodLoop. Additionally, our COO delivered a panel discussion on building a game in the midst of a Bear Market.

  • Rome Blockchain Week

    7 Digital Labs participated in Rome Blockchain Week, an event dedicated to blockchain technology, held in Piazza di Spagna in Rome, showcasing BloodLoop.

    Throughout the event, visitors had the opportunity to experience the first MVP of the game.

Continuous Innovation

The company is committed to fostering an environment of ongoing innovation in all its projects. This entails researching new technologies, methodologies, and ideas to constantly improve the products and services offered. The goal is to stay at the forefront of industry trends and provide creative, cutting-edge solutions to meet customer needs.

Flexibility and Adaptability

Given the ever-changing dynamics of the web 3.0 world, the company is dedicated to being flexible and adaptable to the various projects it is involved in. This means being ready to modify, expand, or adjust strategies based on the specific needs of each project. Flexibility is crucial to tackle the unique challenges of each industry, enabling the company to seize emerging opportunities and meet customer expectations.

Reliability and Quality

The company is committed to delivering web 3.0 projects that are reliable and of high quality. This entails focusing on stability, optimal performance, and engaging user experiences for all developed projects. The company employs rigorous testing and quality control approaches to ensure that products and services meet or exceed user expectations. Reliability and quality are essential for building a solid reputation and achieving long-term success in diverse sectors.



Hero-Shooter video game that harnesses the power of NFTs and the De-Fi Economy.

Crafted by passionate gamers, our team comprises industry veterans from AAA Game studios, ensuring an unparalleled FPS experience enriched with cutting-edge WEB 3.0 innovation!



Our team is composed of experts from various fields, all united by a shared passion for gaming and web3.

Luca Menale

CEO | Co-Founder

Pasquale Finiello

COO | Co-Founder

Gabriele Tomassini

Head of Development | Co-Founder

Andrea Savini

Head of NFT | Co-Founder

Andrea Ruscica

Advisor | Co-Founder

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